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Bill Wilson Center

Human Services

Bill Wilson Center

Affordable counseling and support for families, couples and groups in dealing with problems of daily life, and shelter and crisis counseling for youth.


The Family and Individual Therapy Center provides individual, couple, family and group counseling for all age groups. Short- and long-term counseling, crisis intervention and parent intervention are provided. The center also conducts low-cost professional seminars for counselors, students and paraprofessionals to improve their knowledge of current issues and techniques in family therapy. School outreach counseling is offered at secondary schools in Santa Clara Unified School District. Counseling services address such problems as suicide ideation, substance abuse, poor school performance, child abuse, family problems and sexuality issues. Prevention and education programs teach adolescents about AIDS. The Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter offers short-term housing for runaway and homeless youth, minor delinquents or substance abusers, and other troubled youth who could benefit from short-term separation from parents while they work out their problems. Individual, group and family counseling is provided to assist with family reunification and to change inappropriate and destructive behavior of youth. Quetzal House, a residential program for adolescent girls, in partnership with the Children's Shelter of Santa Clara County, provides specific services to adolescent girls who are dependents of the court and who exhibit chronic runaway behavior. The purpose of this partnership is to change destructive behaviors in order to enable participants to successfully re-enter the county foster care system. Homeless youth services include street outreach counseling, drug abuse counseling, assistance with long-term housing, job placement, educational services and family reunification. The goal of the services is to renew family ties when possible and to stabilize the lives of homeless youth to avoid victimization from street life and involvement in criminal activities. Drop-in center located at 693 South 2nd Street, San Jose. Independent living skills training is provided to older adolescents in foster care and to homeless youth needing additional skills to become productive, independent adults. Groups focus on teaching skills to youth such as locating employment and permanent housing, developing personal budgets and using community resources. The Transitional Housing Program for Homeless Youth provides comprehensive services for older youth (age 16-22) as well as homeless young parents and their infants. The program offers long-term shelter (up to 18 months) in subsidized shared housing and apartments while youth learn the skills necessary to live on their own. Teen parents are taught parenting skills in addition to living skills so that they can support themselves and their children and avoid becoming dependent on welfare. Program staff continue to provide follow-up care after youth leave the program to help youth make the successful transition to self-sufficiency. Project Safe Place in San Jose provides children age 8-17 with a safe place to go for help. Businesses, schools and community centers display the Safe Place logo, and children are taught that they can seek help from these locations. An employee is trained to call Bill Wilson Center which will dispatch a volunteer within 15 minutes. Centre for Living with Dying (described separately) provides grief counseling and support to those individuals experiencing a loss or death (traumatic or life threatening illness). Training is also provided to First Responders and schools to prepre them for disasters, crisis, and traumatic deaths. Transition Age Youth Mental Health Services provides immediate and follow-up care to transition age youth age 16-24 experiencing a mental health crisis. Our 24-hour phone line is available to respond to crisis calls, provide referrals and other emergency assistance: (408) 850-6140. Foster Care services provide stable, caring, temporary homes for children of all ages in the social services system. These children have been removed from their birth families because of child abuse or severe neglect and are impacted by trauma, grief and loss. The primary goal is to prepare the child for permanency, which means either their return to appropriate, stable birth family members, placement into an adoptive famly, or adoption by the foster family. Adoption program prepares families to parent children with special needs from the child welfare system. The program's goal is permanency for the child. The placement coordinator works closely with county social workers and approved families to ensure the child's needs will be met by a famly that is willing and capable of parenting the child. Services provided include in-depth home studies, and assist the child and family to form a lasting connection. Additionally, private home study services are available to the community for private adoptions on a fee basis.


Public Transit:

VTA stops within 2 blocks.
3490 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050 37.3537332 -121.9417092 Human Services

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Languages Spoken:

  • Cantonese
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

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  • Disabled Parking
  • Disabled Restroom
  • Wheelchair



Vary according to service and income. Many services free. Cash, checks, credit cards, vouchers and Medi-Cal for age 21 or under accepted.


Single parents, youth in crisis (age 12-21), homeless youth, families, couples, individuals, homeless teen parents


Varies according to program

How to Apply:

Apply by phone.

Service Wait Estimate:

1 day to 1 week. No wait for youth shelter.

Service Areas:

  • Santa Clara County