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Human Services


Mills-Peninsula Health Services

Provides an electronic communication system which links the ill, elderly or disabled person, or anyone adjusting to living alone, to the hospital emergency room.


A personal emergency response system that connects persons to the Emergency Response Center at Mills-Peninsula Health Services for any emergency situation. The individual presses the waterproof help button, worn on a chain around the neck, which automatically dials the hospital. If they are unable to reach the subscriber by phone, the hospital calls someone from the list of "responders" on file to check on the individual. Various units are available including a voice-activated model. Staff will make presentations on the Lifeline service for groups and clubs as requested.


Public Transit:

Not necessary for service.
100 South San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401 37.5931027 -122.3845388 Human Services

Service Options

Languages Spoken:

  • AT&T Language Line



$30 per month for the Dual Unit (telephone and Lifeline unit combined), $35 per month for VoiceAssist unit, $50 installation charge. $40 for the phone unit, $35 for the standard unit, $50 installation charge. Cash, checks and money orders accepted.


Disabled persons, people living alone


Resident of area served who is ill, elderly, disabled or living alone

How to Apply:

Walk in or apply by phone or mail.

Service Wait Estimate:

No wait.

Service Areas:

  • San Mateo County