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Peninsula Community Services, Inc

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Peninsula Community Services, Inc


Develops and provides direct and supportive programs and services for the benefit of persons suffering from a compulsive hoarding disorder. Current services include a drop-in group for those wanting to know more about help available for hoarders and the chronically disorganized. Group meets on the first and third Thursday of the month at the Mills Health Center, Room 4014, San Mateo, from 5:30-6:15. Free and open entry. Contact group leader Dr. Laura Osborn for more information at 650-799-2953 or by email at Book Study Hoarders' Support Group is a small 13-week suport group and program using exercises in the workbook "Buried in Treasures" written by Dr. Randy Frost, an expert on the treatment of hoarding disorders. Contact suport group leader Dr. Dana Girard by phone at 650-898-4549 or by email at Licensed clinical psychologists and therapists are available for individual therapy to help compulsive hoarders. Office and in-home sessions available. Contact Drs. Chan, Girard or Osborn for more information. Offers an Enhanced Harm Reduction Certification Program for professionals whose job responsibilities bring them into contact with extreme hoarding situations. The 8-hour workshop prepares participants to perform effectively on Enhanced Harm Reduction Teams, working toward reducing household hazards that endanger the health and safety of the hoarder as well as the home of an extreme hoarder. Certification and Continuing Education Units to be awarded. Contact Alan Merrifield, CEO of Peninsula Community Services, for additional information at 650-343-4380 or by email at PCS will launch its United We Serve Outreach Project in 2013 to establish an on-line peer network for Peninsula residents who struggle with problems associated with compulsive hoarding. Information on compulsive hoarding disorders can be found on the PCS Web site.


Public Transit:

Not necessary for service.

Service Options

Languages Spoken:

  • Spanish



$250 for 13 week therapy session.


Hoarders, their family and friends



How to Apply:

Apply by phone.

Service Wait Estimate:

Two weeks.

Service Areas:

  • San Mateo County