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San Mateo County Department of Agriculture and Weights/Measures


San Mateo County Department of Agriculture and Weights/Measures

Enforces pesticide regulations, inspects plants and some produce, checks commercial weighing and measuring devices for accuracy.


Offers a variety of environmental and consumer protection servcies. Environmental Protection Programs: Offers agricultural protection services to the general public, farmers and farmworkers. Services include enforcement of regulations regarding the sale and application of pesticides (including registration of pest control operators, pest control advisors and certification of private applicators) and worker safety regulations. Issues burning permits to farmers for destruction of pest-infested plant material. Inspects for exotic insect pests including medflies, gypsy moths, Japanese beetles, oriental fruit flies and Mexican fruit flies. Will diagnose and suggest treatment for house plants when brought into the office. Provides inspection of plants at nurseries, and inspection and certification of all plants and produce that come into or go out of the state or county. Inspects eggs, honey and produce at selling points for quality standards. Consumer Protection Programs: Checks for accuracy and certifies commercial weighing and measuring devices in the county, and verifies quantities in pre-packaged meats and commodities. Certification includes grocers' and deli scales, and taxi and gasoline meters. Will check non-commercial measuring and weighing devices for a fee. Investigates consumer complaints including overcharges from retail scanners. Inspects produce markets and certifies farmers' markets. Compiles and publishes annual crop statistics.


Public Transit:

SAMTRANS stops within 1 block.
728 Heller Street, Redwood City, CA 94063 37.480893 -122.221876 Government

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