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Community Health., Health Education and Chronic Disease Prevention


Community Health., Health Education and Chronic Disease Prevention

San Mateo County Health System

Provides information about health promotion and disease prevention.


Works with coalitions in the community to develop prevention programs. Available to consult or assist in facilitating health-related programs. Smoke-Free Start for Families helps pregnant women and household smokers living with children age birth - five-years-old in San Mateo County stop smoking. Provides assistance through phone or group counseling and increases awareness of secondhand smoke on pregnant women and children. Contact Cristina Ugaitafa at 650-573-3989. The Active Aging Program increases public awareness about the benefits of physical activity for seniors and implements physical activity programs, which include strength-training exercises aimed at maintaining functional fitness and reducing the risk of chronic disease and falling in seniors. Contact Doris Rohleder at 650-573-2003. Senior Medication Management Project increases awareness regarding safe and proper medication use. Contact Jaslin Yu at 650-573-2977. Family Violence Implementation Project (FVIP) works in collaboration with existing programs in the community to train and educate Health Services Agency staff about family violence issues and collaborates on community programs that address both primary prevention and the needs of victims of family violence and their families. Contact Jaslin Yu at 650-573-2977. Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) provides outreach and education to families and those that work with children under the age 5 or under about the dangers of lead poisoning. Includes presentations about lead hazards and how to prevent them, dissemination of educational materials, and participation in community events. Contact Martha Milk at 650-573-3474. STD Community Intervention Program (SCIP) promotes, facilitates, develops, and enhances local capacity of STD/HIV and family planning providers in the community by providing STD awareness and primary prevention education through collaboration and partnership with organizations serving the population at risk (age 15-24) . Contact Nabil Ahmed at 650-573-2033. This program was formerly known as the Chlamydia Awareness and Prevention Program (CAPP). Youth Development promotes the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets framework, works with schools and communities to create stronger ties between youth and the community, and encourages the inclusion of youth in leadership positions in community organizations. Contact Edith Cabuslay at 650-573-2227. Community Oriented Health Systems (COHS) is an effort by the Health Services Agency to actively engage community members in community health issues. Works to determine health priorities, factors that contribute to health issues, and options for community interventions. Contact Edith Cabuslay at 650-573-2227. Bioterrorism Preparedness (BT), in conjunction with other county departments, is creating a community preparedness plan for bioterrorism. Contact Doris Rohleder at 650-573-2208. Chronic Disease Prevention Program has a comprehensive campaign to lessen the impact of chronic disease. The effort includes prevention education, promotion of screening options, and disease management. Also looks at how environmental factors (such as pollution, open space, etc.) contribute to chronic disease. Contact Kerry Barba at 650-573-2304. Faith and Health Initiative works with interfaith and community groups to create a dialogue between faith and health colleagues. Includes participating in training programs, informing groups about ways to develop health programs, and assisting faith-based groups in coordinating health events for the entire community. Contact Martha Milk at 650-573-3474. Male Involvement Program (MIP) is a teen pregnancy program targeting at-risk young men. Offers clinic access and a young Dads support group. Contact Nabil Ahmed at 650-573-2033.


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