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San Mateo Pro Life


San Mateo Pro Life

Can assist women with problem pregnancies who do not want an abortion and women who have had abortions and are seeking a support group.


Provides referrals to community sources that give assistance to pregnant mothers and to support groups that help post-abortive mothers. Gives informational material on the harm of abortion, birth control drugs, embryonic stem cell research, assisted suicide and euthanasia. Gives informational materials on the benefits of chastity, non-embryonic stem cell research, natural family planning, and respect for all people from conception to natural death. Speakers and videos are also available on the above topics at no charge. Also known as Pro Life of San Mateo County.

Service Options

Accessibility Options:

  • Disabled Parking
  • Wheelchair





Anyone age 12 or over



How to Apply:

Apply by phone.

Service Wait Estimate:

No wait.

Service Areas:

  • San Mateo County