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Early Childhood Services

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Early Childhood Services


We help families to meet immediate needs, decrease stressors, address the impacts of their past traumas and hardships, build supportive communities with one another, access vital mental health services, and pave the way for children and their families to create positive, healthy futures. In doing so, we are also helping families to break harmful cycles (e.g., poverty, trauma) that not only impact that family and the community but future generations to come.


Early Childhood Services - Provides San Mateo County children, youth, families, and farmworkers with comprehensive mental health services that build resilience, strengthen mental health, and cultivate community wellness. | Healthy Homes - Healthy Homes strives to prevent child abuse and neglect, enchance the parent-child relationship, and reduce the impact of risk factors such as domestic violence, trauma, poverty, immigration, food insecurity, substance abuse, mental illness, and language barriers, among others. This program serves families with children ages 0-5. | Early Childhood Community Team - Community Outreach, mental health consultation, and parent-child counseling services for pregnant mothers and families with young children, helping parents and care providers identify, understand, and effectively respond to the social emotional needs of their children and students. | Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation - Strengthens the social-emotional development and school readiness of our community's high-risk children from birth to age five, and supports low-income families and caregivers by providing mental health consultation, early intervention services, direct clinical services, and support for parents and caregivers on-site at subsidized childcare centers.


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