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Voices of Recovery San Mateo County

Alcohol and Drug Peer Recovery Support Services for Individuals and their Families:Providing - One on One Peer Support, Recovery Advocacy and Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).


Voices of Recovery San Mateo County is for people seeking and maintaining long-term recovery from their own addictions, and long-term recovery from being affected by other people s addictions. The primary objectives and purpose of Voices of Recovery San Mateo County (VORSMC) shall be: To create peer-led opportunities for education, wellness, advocacy and support services for individuals in or in need of long term recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions, equally sharing these opportunities and support services with impacted families. Specifically, VORSMC provides community educational and recovery support services. It is a recovery community organization that offers peer-to-peer recovery guidance and volunteer opportunities to the recovery community. The corporation also encourages and supports personal, family and community recovery by offering non-clinical, peer-driven assistance to foster resilience, prevent relapse and promote effective public policy.d Drug Peer Recovery Services: One on One Peer Support, Recovery Advocacy,and Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)


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