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Youth Service Bureaus of the YMCA (Pacifica Youth Service Bureau, Youth Service Bureau of South San Francisco, Youth Service Bureau of San Mateo)

The YSB’s mission is to support and nurture families in developing connected, productive, and healthy youth who can navigate the future and contribute to their communities. Established in 1969 to provide diversion services for first-time youth offenders, we now offer outpatient mental health services in our three clinics (Youth Service Bureaus) and school-based counseling and support in over 50 schools throughout San Mateo County. We are partners with the San Mateo County of Education, eight school districts, five police departments, and County Departments of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Human Services, and Juvenile Probation. We specialize in counseling for youth and families, nurturing safe school environments, delivering prevention programs for at-risk youth, and parent support. Our programs help individuals and families cope with life challenges, such as traumatic experiences, depression, school related issues, high-risk adolescent behaviors, and mental illness. The YSBs became a part of the YMCA Association of San Francisco 20 year ago and operate fiscally under their nonprofit tax ID status.