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San Mateo County Human Services Agency

Our Vision: All San Mateo County residents enjoy a healthy, safe, prosperous, and collaborative community. Mission: Enhance the well-being of children, adults, and families by providing professional, responsive, caring, and supportive service. Our Values: Client Experience: We respect and honor the diversity, rights, and dignity of each other and those that we serve. Potential and existing clients have high quality interactions with Agency staff that are consistent, accurate, and timely. Employee Excellence: We are committed to supporting employee growth and development to promote engaged employees and a culture of excellence. Community Engagement: We seek community partnerships built on trust, respect, and clear communication to enhance the services provided to San Mateo County residents. Continuous Improvement: We believe in continuous learning from our practices, the practices of similar agencies and organizations, and research to increase our effectiveness. Results-Focused: We are data-driven and accountable for achieving positive outcomes using benchmarks at all Agency levels. Innovation: We foster an environment that encourages evaluating service delivery methods to maximize efficiency and leverage rapidly advancing technology. Responsiveness: We are responsible community stewards and take effective action in a timely manner. Fiscal Stewardship: We are mindful of the public’s trust by managing our programs and services in a fiscally responsible manner